What Are Eyebrow Extensions?

What Are Eyebrow Extensions?

Eyebrow extensions technically can be called as an alternative to micro-blading or semi-transparent eyebrow tattooing but has a lesser lifetime value. A typical extension would last for a week or three but the longevity of semi-transparent eyebrow tattoo is much higher. The life of a semi-transparent eyebrow tattoo is at least 12 months and go a maximum of  3 years if proper care is taken.  Somehow both solve the same problem for somebody but it all depends on the choice what somebody wants to make.

Typically there are two types extensions related to eyes, one for eyebrow and the other for eyelashes. In the initial years, eyelash extensions revolutionized the beauty industry eliminating the need to curl, volumize, and lengthen lashes. Now eyebrow extension has gained a much of the popularity. People having issues like alopecia or going through chemotherapy, eye extension should be looked like as a better and healthy option.


  • Eyebrow extension is considered a quick fix to the problem of managing a nice eyebrow and better face symmetry whereas micro-blading is more of a long term fix.
  • Extensions work around the premise of attaching fibers with a clear medical-grade adhesive to achieve a lengthening effect whereas, in the micro-blading procedure, semi-permanent delicate super-fine hair-like strokes are made on eyebrow area and which are then filled with medical-grade color pigment to give the eyebrow a structured symmetry. Micro-blading is quite similar to tattooing your eyebrow but not in the traditional way.
  • Both procedures are like a piece of artwork but brow extension has one advantage over micro-blading, it brings a texture and dimension to one’s eyebrow, which is quite missing in case of micro-blading.
  • From the perspective of longevity and returns on investment, micro-blading counts a lot over eyebrow extension. A general lifecycle of eyebrow extension is one week but sometimes it works for three weeks but there is regular maintenance cost involved, once in a week. On the other hand, results achieved through micro-blading is quite sustainable. The tattoo lasts at least for one year and one can take sessions from micro-blading expert once in a year, the lifeline of the tattoo can quite high ranging upon 36 months after completion of the procedure.
  • One of the myths around micro-blading is that at times it can lead to infection because of the pigment used or the procedure followed and eyebrow extension is safer from a health perspective as it doesn’t involve any skin insertion and nothing goes inside. This technically a myth, in either of the cases if not proper methods being used or right material is used it can always have their side-effects. The Society of Cosmetic Professionals also proposes a similar narrative. Either of the procedures one opts for should just be cautious about what material being and whether basic hygiene is adhered to by the studio or the parlor delivering any of these procedures.

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