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What is Microshading?

What is Microshading?

What is Microshading? What is Microshading? So by now, we’ve all heard of microblading, and microshading the trendy new eyebrow tattoo that promises brows-on-fleek straight out of bed! This is a great option for those suffering from hair loss in the brow area. Hair...
Microblading For Hair Loss

Microblading For Hair Loss

Hair loss can be the result of chemotherapy, hormonal changes, such as, pregnancy or menopause, or an autoimmune response, in which the body mistakes the hair follicle as a foreign body and attacks the follicle, resulting in hair loss.   Whatever the reason, it...

Let’s Get Your Eyebrows Shining.
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With microblading, your eyebrows look amazing and natural.

Save Time & Money : Your microblading treatment lasts 12-18 months. No expensive eyebrow pencils needed. No daily makeup routine to make them look right.
Zero Worries : Microbladed eyebrows don’t rub off if you scratch hitch, and are water (and sweat!) proof! Enjoy your time without constantly checking the mirror.
Done By Artists : At BrowBeat, we take the time to do it right. With thousands of satisfied customers, and 170+ 5-star reviews, you know you’re in the right place.


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