Hair loss can be the result of chemotherapy, hormonal changes, such as, pregnancy or menopause, or an autoimmune response, in which the body mistakes the hair follicle as a foreign body and attacks the follicle, resulting in loss of hair. Whatever the reason, it can be very unnerving, sudden acute hair loss with often no explanation, how unsettling! You can only hope there’s a hair loss solution available for you.

One of the most universal complaints is that this can take a toll on one’s self-esteem. Wigs are an easy choice for the top of the head but what about hair replacement options for say, the eyebrows or lashes? Well, there is something that can be done about hair loss in the brow area, and unlike hair transplants, it’s non-invasive and cost-effective! Everyone calls this hair loss solution microblading; so read below to get familiar with this breakthrough.

Hair loss solution: How can microblading and shading help?

Both microblading and micro shading are semi-permanent tattoo methods for the eyebrow area, both deposit pigment in the uppermost layers of the skin to replace the lost hair. The main difference is that microblading is made up of strokes that represent individual hairs and micro shading is made up of a network of tiny dots, creating a layer of translucent color in the brow area.

Microblading is typically regarded as the more natural-looking of the two with micro shading looking a little more concentrated in coloring and shaping of the brows, however, both, when applied properly, can look very natural and beautiful. Microblading and micro shading are available in combination, producing a full and robust yet natural and soft-looking hair loss solution. Your artist can help you decide which treatment plan is best suited to your needs and desires.

Microblading and shading provide a natural-looking hair loss solution.

While some may be hesitant about trying out microblading or shading for the first time, after all, it is semi-permanent, it is not like the permanent eyebrow tattoos that were common, say, 10 years ago! We all know someone with pencil-thin blue or green eyebrows tattooed on their face in an exaggerated arch but this is not at all how microblading or shading looks, either initially or after healing. Neither is microblading solid or blocky looking in appearance, as one may recall brow tattoos of the past to be.

Microblading and shading are hyper-realistic alternatives to pricey and painful hair transplants! Nine out of ten times, it will go completely undetected by your colleagues and peers, looking just like your own natural hair.

Hair loss solution shouldn’t take much time and daily effort with microblading and shading

Of course, you could just apply makeup but there are many products out there, powder, pencil, pomade… how do you know which product is going to be the best for you? Unfortunately, the best option is simply trial and error. That can be time-consuming and costly, not to mention frustrating!

Even more, time-consuming and costly, once you have worked out a routine that you feel comfortable with, the morning application can take more than an hour, if you add all the time up, that would be over two weeks of your life every year, spent on just drawing on your eyebrows!! Think of what you could do with all that time, go on vacation, have your dream wedding, finally finish organizing that craft closet, you name it! Never spend that time on your brows ever again with microblading and shading!

Microblading leaves a realistic appearance that doesn’t wear off easily

Another drawback to makeup is that it rubs off and transfers to your clothes or anything else it touches for that matter. That means after you spend an hour in the morning applying your brows, you only have to redraw them again after your afternoon workout. That means that two weeks of your life just became four weeks! There has to be a better hair loss solution; there is… it’s called microblading!

Is microblading a painful hair loss solution?

Microblading and shading can be performed even on those clients with no naturally occurring brows, that is to say, complete baldness in the brow area. In fact, these clients receive stunning results! What’s even better is that there is no downtime and virtually no pain! You will be released to go back to work and social activities the following day. You may experience some redness and tenderness immediately following the procedure, this is normal and should dissipate by the next morning. With proper anesthetic, the procedure should be close to painless, the discomfort you will feel, if any, is akin to a small rubber band snap.

It’s too good to be true; are there side effects for this hair loss solution?

Side effects for microblading and shading are minimal. Most common side effects are:

Tenderness, itchiness, redness, and swelling inside the treatment area, again are all part of a completely normal and healthy healing process. Rare but serious complications, including infection, can be caused by poor hygiene in the area while the skin is opened and healing. It is imperative to follow all microblading aftercare instructions your artist or technician gives you post-procedure. Aftercare instructions can be things like only washing the brows with a special type of soap or avoiding excess sun exposure, whatever the case, it is important to follow these instructions exactly.

Even if you think that a rule is arbitrary, or you’ve heard differently before, always trust that your artist knows best and has your specific treatment in mind specifically when they design the aftercare protocol they have given you. This is tantamount to great healing! While discussing the risk of infection may seem scary, it is important to note that poor aftercare is the number one cause of infection, not poor studio sanitation. However, it is still a great idea to ask the studio or technician about their sanitation practices prior to booking an appointment.

If you have other conditions other than hair loss, can you still get microblading?

By now I bet you’re thinking, “what’s the catch?”. Well, there isn’t really a catch per se, there are some factors to consider before scheduling an appointment. This hair loss solution is available for almost anyone, whether they have full bushy brows that need to be tamed and framed or complete baldness in the area that needs to have a full reconstruction. However, there are some conditions or factors that may make you ineligible for a microblading or shading treatment. You should not schedule a microblading and shading treatment unless otherwise instructed by a doctor, if:

  • You are pregnant, breastfeeding, or trying to become pregnant
  • Extreme and excessive sebum production from the skin (oily skin)
  • You have overly sensitive skin (numbing agents can be used to help decrease sensitivity, however, some cases of extreme sensitivity may prohibit treatment)
  • You have severe acne
  • You have a history of keloids or hypertrophic scarring
  • You have any allergies to topical anesthetics or to tattoo ink
  • You have a rash in the area like eczema or psoriasis (procedure can be done once this has cleared)
  • a previous tattoo in the area that has not faded (send photos to find out if your tattoo has faded adequately for this procedure to be completed, 214-432-2077)

If you are unsure if you are a candidate for microblading or micro shading, schedule a consultation with an artist at a reputable studio, talk to your dermatologist or plastic surgeon or your general practitioner for more information, they can help you determine if you are an ideal candidate or not.

So, microblading is a fantastic hair loss solution; but how can you get it near you?

When choosing an artist or brow studio, it is always important to vet the artists fully. Make sure that they have some form of formal training and have had prior experience in the field. While it may be tempting to get a discounted service performed by a student artist, this is a semi-permanent service, lasting 2-3 years on your face, it may be best to save money elsewhere and opt for a more experienced (read: more expensive) artist for this particular service. Additionally, all microblading artists will have a unique style and aesthetic to their body of work, make sure to review their before and afters before scheduling, to ensure their aesthetic matches the desired outcome.

At BrowBeat Microblading Studio, we have over 400 5-Star reviews. That’s because we have some of DFW’s most experienced artists and we deliver a 5-Star customer service experience to each and every person who walks through our door. So if you are looking for this hair loss solution, come in and see for yourself by scheduling an appointment!

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