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Are you tired of attempting to draw your eyebrows in every single day? Are you finished with eyebrows being smudged whenever you get in the pool or sweating because of the heat of the sun? Keep your brows consistent, gorgeous, and fabulous by getting the newest eyebrow enhancement – Microblading Colleyville treatment!
This semi-permanent tattoo technique looks extraordinarily natural, unlike the traditional eyebrow tattooing that looks “marker-drawn”. Typically, the results last a minimum of a year and a half or so.

BrowBeat Studio Offers Microblading Colleyville, Permanent Makeup, Eyebrow Tattoos, Eyebrow Threading, Eyebrow Tinting Services at low cost near Dallas, TX, we start with a complimentary consultation where we discuss your preferred eyebrow shape and color and talks about what bothers you currently about your brows. This consultation also covers the details of the treatment, pre and post care instructions and information on how to ensure you are able to enjoy your new eyebrows for as long as possible.
During your first Microblading Colleyville appointment In Eyebrow Extension, the technician will allow one to two hours to draw the perfect shape and choose the perfect color that will accentuate your fabulous face. After that, the technician will apply a topical numbing cream and then the pattern of hair-like strokes. These strokes are laid in patterns that are made to mimic the normal hairs in your brows and can be created to thicken the eyebrow.

This is used to fill in missing hair, extend the tail the eyebrow or to pull the eyebrows even further. When applying the hair-like strokes, the technician will use a pigment that is deposited under the skin to ensure a lasting result. After the first application of strokes, a liquid numbing solution is applied to further numb the skin so the customer will feel nothing but just some sensations. The entire process is typically described as slightly uncomfortable during the first pass then subsequent stroke passes are typically not even noticeable.
Immediately following the Microblading Colleyville Treatment, there may be some pink skin around the brow area, but it will typically dissipate quickly. Over the next four to five days, patients will have slightly darker eyebrows than normal and the incisions will typically scab and flake off – the entire process is barely noticeable if at all – patients typically return to work the day after treatment.

Permanent cosmetics are the future of the beauty industry and are being used increasingly for cosmetic and ‘medical’ purposes to complement the work of surgeons, aesthetic doctors, and ophthalmologists. Permanent cosmetics can be used to enhance your features for those who simply want to look better naturally or to create a more made up look for those who don’t want to spend hours in front of the mirror. As the results of this treatment can be as subtle or dramatic as desired, permanent cosmetics are suitable for both women and men of all.

A well-maintained appearance around the clock can be achieved if the eyebrows have a natural shape, delicate eyeliner gives the eyes greater expression, the contours of the lips are just right and daily makeup is superfluous!
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