6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Microblading Touch-up Appointment

Microblading is a prevalent and sought-after treatment that can give you fuller, darker eyebrows. It is also more time-intensive than other options, such as eyebrow pencils or powders, which you can do at home. If done correctly by an experienced technician, it should last for about 18 months or more.

However, there are many reasons why you may want to skip your microblading touch-up appointment with their microblading artist before the expiration of the first year! Let’s discuss why skipping your microblading touch-ups could be costly in both money and time spent trying to find success elsewhere.

6 Reasons Why You Shouldn'T Skip Your Microblading Touch-Up Appointment

How important is a microblading touch-up appointment?

What Is a Touch-up Appointment and Why Do You Need It? 

A touch-up appointment is a follow-up appointment that you should schedule with your microblading technician after your initial treatment. The touch-up will help improve any areas that weren’t touched or filled in enough during the original procedure. With each touch-up, there’s a chance for improving definition and increasing color saturation. It’s essential to remember that it affects your results over time if you go against your microblading touch-up appointment.  

Microblading experts generally recommend that most clients get follow-up microblading touch-ups every six to nine months. Suppose you live in an area with dry or cold weather conditions; it’s even more critical not to forget your microblading touch-up appointment. On the contrary, you should have regular schedule touch-ups because the ink can fade away very quickly!

No one likes to think about the future, but you mustn’t forget your microblading touch-up appointment. If you do, there are a few things that could happen: 

#1: Poor Longevity

First and foremost, when you skip your microblading touch-up appointment, it may affect the long-term effects of your treatment. The purpose of touch-ups is to fill in the gap between your brows and the faded pigment on your eyebrow skin. 

#2: Eyebrow Shape Changes

When you forget your microblading touch-up, the shape of your eyebrows could change over time because the ink has faded from its original place on your skin. There’s also a possibility that your brows would be patchy and uneven. That’s why you should go back to your provider to retouch your brows so they can fix color loss or hair strokes that have become too light or faint from fading!

In some cases, hair may grow back in unwanted areas where pigment has been lost or begins to peel. 

#3: Pigment Disappears Fast

The pigment will start to fade and become less visible as time goes on, or colors might not match as well as they would if you had a touch-up appointment. Also, keep in mind that there’s a chance for pigment or hair loss if you forget your microblading touch-up schedule, which can lead to an uneven eyebrow shape. As mentioned above, your eyebrows will look patchy or uneven from missing patches of pigment.

#4: Unnatural Looking Brows

When brow color fades, the skin will naturally begin to produce more melanin in that area. It can lead to an “unnatural” looking eyebrow because of all the different colors involved! The pigment will fade into a yellow or brown shade instead of red-brown or natural blonde shades.

#5: Eyebrow Color Changes

The pigment will fade into a yellow or brown shade instead of red-brown or natural blonde shades if you forget your microblading touch-up appointment.  When the color fades after the first year has passed (or longer) and you’ve missed touching up with your technician, it may likely look like there’s nothing on them at all. It is because melanin production occurs in areas where hair growth doesn’t exist due to overplucking decades ago – this leads to darker skin tones developing around those brows as people age! 

Additionally, when color does grow back in patches after plucking out individual hairs repeatedly for years, they often end up lighter than surrounding hairs. You’ll also have difficulty maintaining your natural brow shape because the ink will flake off prematurely if not touched up periodically.

#6: Maintaining Your Eyebrows Is Challenging

You’ll have difficulty maintaining your natural brow shape because the ink will flake off prematurely if not touched up periodically. Keep in mind that it’s crucial for getting great results while minimizing your costs – otherwise, you could end up looking worn down with naked eyebrows. 

Remember that when you skip your microblading touch-up appointment with your technician – it could cost much more (time and money) than just losing some beauty sleep. By having to take care of them yourself, they won’t look as lovely nor last very long without professional help. 

Some people may think that microblading touch-ups aren’t necessary, but this is a genuinely incorrect way of thinking! They should take this matter seriously to make the most out of it and have nice, bold eyebrows that look natural and last a long time without having to worry about them fading. Keep in mind what happens when you go against your microblading touch-up appointment, and then consider scheduling another one soon. Don’t skip your microblading touch-up appointment, and do it on time.  You’ll love the results once you see them again! 

FAQs about Microblading Touch-ups

Microblading is still a new service offered by many technicians today so consider making an informed decision when deciding who to work with or what type of treatment to choose if interested in learning more about how it works without having someone show you instead. 

Make sure they are licensed professionals before signing on, so you have no regrets later! If all goes well, then after 18 months or beyond (or longer), you’ll have the option to go back for a touch-up. It is where you can typically request lightening or darkening services if needed and not done during your original appointment – that way, it will be easier to maintain after having fewer worries about fading pigment! 

Let’s answer some of the frequently asked questions about touch-ups so you won’t think of skipping your microblading touch-ups. 

You can visit this page for more frequently answered questions: 

How to Achieve a Rewarding Microblading Result?

A great choice when looking for microblading results with minimal effort; Find someone who provides you with all of this information before committing so there are no surprises later on. For example:

  • What type of post-care do they require?
  • How long does their work last?
  • How much does the touch-up cost?

A good technician will also suggest any other treatments such as eyebrow tinting or shaping if you feel yours could use a bit of work. They can also help create the perfect length and thickness for your eyebrows, which is beneficial since most people don’t realize that some aren’t as nicely shaped as they should! You’ve got one shot at getting the look right without spending too much money to find something better suited to your needs.

Click here to know more about achieving a satisfying microblading result.

What Happens If You Forget Your Microblading Touch-up Appointment? 

It is the question that many people ask themselves when they are considering microblading. It’s not something most people want to find out, but it’s important to know what can happen if you decide against getting a touch-up or forgetting your microblading touch-up appointment. Touch-up appointments are so necessary, and skipping a follow-up touch-up appointment impacts the outcome significantly. 

You need to be aware of some consequences if you decide to skip your microblading touch-up appointment with your cosmetic specialist. Skipping a touch-up can affect your results over time because of the following reasons.

How Much Does a Microblading Touch-up Cost?

The cost for microblading touch-up appointments varies depending on where you live. But, it typically ranges from $100-$250 per session. So make sure that when making decisions like skipping a follow-up touch-up appointment with your specialist, consider your safety, health, and well-being first! Don’t forget that we’re talking about YOUR face! It’s also worth mentioning that not getting a follow-up appointment is your choice, and there are consequences if you don’t go back after the initial treatment.

How Often Should You Get a Touch-up 

Your service provider will recommend you to get touch-ups every six months or yearly, or it depends on how fast the pigment on your microbladed eyebrows fades. 

If you live in an area with dry or cold weather conditions, it’s even more vital to regularly schedule touch-ups because the ink can fade away very quickly! That’s why skipping your microblading touch-up appointment is a no-no.

The Bottom Line

Scheduling a follow-up appointment is so important because it can help maintain the shape of your eyebrows, keep them looking natural, and make sure that the pigment from the microblading doesn’t fade away too quickly. Therefore, it’s better not to go against your microblading touch-up appointment to enjoy what you paid for for a couple of years. 

We hope this blog post answered any questions that you may have had about skipping your microblading touch-ups!

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