Your microblading touch-up appointment is what will keep your eyebrows looking their best. It’s your chance to fine-tune your brows so you don’t have to re-do the entire process. However, some people choose to skip it which is a big, big mistake. And if you’re thinking of doing the same, here are six disastrous problems to expect when you skip your microblading touch-up appointment.

6 Disastrous Problems To Expect  When You Skip Your  Microblading Touch-up Appointment

#1: Poor Longevity

Skipping your microblading touch-up appointment will definitely affect the long-term result of your whole treatment.

While tattooed eyebrows are expected to last for up to three years, it will only take about one year for your semi-permanent eyebrows to start showing signs of fading. During the first six months after getting treated with microblading, your brows will look amazing. But as time passes by, they’ll gradually fade until you have to go back to square one and get them retouched. This is why you need a touch-up appointment, one month after your very first procedure.

Your microblading touch-up treatment will further improve all the details, and add the necessary pigment, making sure your eyebrows will look great for years. The color will also appear much bolder because microblading creates a 3D effect that can’t be duplicated when you’re doing your own at-home touch-ups.

#2: Eyebrow Shape Changes

When you forget your microblading touch-up, the shape of your eyebrows could change over time because the ink has faded from its original place on your skin. In some cases, hair strands even may grow back in unwanted areas where pigment has been lost or begins to peel.

Hence, if you want your eyebrows to look exactly the same as they did when you first got them done, then you’ll need an appointment for a touch-up. It’s crucial because it will get rid of thin lines and help create crisp edges if needed. It will also guarantee that any hair growing in unwanted areas will be removed, and the shape of your eyebrows will stay consistent.

#3: Pigment Disappears Fast

Without your microblading touch-up appointment, you may find that the pigment disappears quickly and unevenly. The color may also change, making your eyebrows look not as aesthetically appealing as they did after your first treatment.

This is why it’s important to go for your touch-up appointment, as it will help refresh the pigment and keep it looking great. The technician will also be able to identify any areas that may need more color or additional shading.

#4: Unnatural Looking Brows

One of the perks of microblading is having amazing eyebrows that look naturally full. However, skipping your touch-up appointment may actually give you the opposite effect.

This is because over time, the hair strokes may start to blur and the pigment may fade, making your eyebrows look unnatural and drawn on. Without a touch-up, you may also experience patchiness in your eyebrows, which is definitely not a good look.

#5: Eyebrow Color Changes

The pigment may fade into a yellow or brown shade instead of red-brown or natural blonde shades if you forget your microblading touch-up appointment. 

When the color fades after the first year has passed (or longer) and you’ve missed touching up with your technician, it may likely look like there’s nothing on them at all. It is because melanin production occurs in areas where hair growth doesn’t exist due to overplucking decades ago. This leads to darker skin tones developing around those brows as people age! 

Additionally, when color does grow back in patches after plucking out individual hairs repeatedly for years, they often end up lighter than surrounding hairs. You’ll also have difficulty maintaining your natural brow shape because the ink will flake off prematurely if not touched up periodically.

#6: Maintaining Your Eyebrows Becomes Extra Challenging

If you want to maintain your gorgeous, tattooed eyebrows for years, skipping your microblading touch-up appointment shouldn’t be an option. Aside from improving the look of your eyebrows and fixing any mistakes, this is the chance for you to ask your technician any questions or concerns you may have about the process or your eyebrows in general.

It’s also a time for the technician to give you advice on how to take care of your eyebrows in between appointments, and what products to use. Without a touch-up, it will be much more difficult to keep your eyebrows looking their best — and you may even end up with eyebrows that are uneven, faded, or scarred!

FAQs about Microblading Touch-ups

Despite all its benefits, some people may still be hesitant to get their microblading touch-up. That’s why we’re answering some commonly asked questions about this important part of the process that will help you feel more confident about getting your treatment.

How Much Does a Microblading Touch-up Cost?

The cost for microblading touch-up appointments varies depending on where you live. However, it typically ranges from $100-$250 per session.

Who Should Do My Touch-up Treatment?

The majority of the time, your first technician will be able to do your touch-up. However, some technicians may choose to send you to a more experienced artist from the same studio if they’re not comfortable doing it themselves. Just make sure that you communicate with your technician before your appointment so they can handle everything accordingly.

How Long Does a Touch-up Last?

Typically, microblading touch-ups last 12 months or longer, as long as you don’t experience any adverse effects like fading or scarring. However, its results would still depend on how well you take care of your eyebrows in between sessions, as well as the artist’s technique.

How Long Does It Take to Finish the Procedure?

Microblading touch-up appointments are usually shorter than the initial treatment. You can expect the procedure to last for around one to two hours, or even less if there are no major changes that need to be made.

Is It Painful?

Most people report that the touch-up is not as painful as the original treatment, but it still depends on each individual’s pain threshold. Similar to your first treatment, numbing cream is used before and during the procedure, so most people don’t feel any pain!

Should I Have My Touch-up Regularly?

For the best results, you should get your microblading touch-up regularly. Touch-ups are typically done about once a year or as needed, which is often around 12 months after the initial treatment.

How Often Should I Get a Touch-up?

While a yearly touch-up session may suffice, some people may need to get theirs more often. These include:

  • Those who live in areas with dry or cold weather conditions.
  • People who are prone to scarring or hyperpigmentation.
  • People with sensitive skin, oily skin, or hair that grows back fast.
  • Those who spend more time under the sun.
  • People who take medications that can cause fading.


Microblading is an innovative treatment that can significantly improve the appearance of your eyebrows. However, in order to maintain its results, it’s important to get regular touch-ups. Skipping your appointment can lead to disastrous consequences you’ll regret, so make sure you don’t miss your next one!

And that’s a wrap! If you want to enjoy your tattooed eyebrows for years without any worries, this is your sign to schedule your touch-up appointment now!

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