Microblading Prep Work: 10 Simple Appointment Tips

Microblading Prep Work: 10 Simple Appointment Tips

Microblading is a cosmetic tattooing procedure that creates hair-like strokes using an ultra-fine blade. It’s been increasing in popularity, but many people do not know the microblading prep work necessary to get the best results for their money. 

Here are 10 microblading prep work you can do before your appointment to ensure it goes smoothly and you’re happy with the final result!

# 1: Avoid Drinking Alcohol or Coffee

Among the microblading prep work you have to follow is preventing yourself from drinking alcohol and decaffeinated drinks. Alcohol and coffee affect the blood vessels, which can cause excessive bleeding during the treatment. Furthermore, the color implant will have a poor outcome and slows down healing time. 

# 2: No Sunbathing or Suntanning

Sunbathing or suntanning is another microblading prep work you have to consider before your microblading appointment. Staying in the sun for extended hours will lead to sunburn. And there’s a tendency that your sunburn skin will peel, which affects the procedure’s outcome. Meet your microblading expert with your natural skin to avoid the poor result of the treatment. 

# 3: Look Over the List of Prohibited Medicines 

Don’t forget to check the medicines or pain relievers before your appointment, especially if you are under medication. Blood-thinning medications cause too much bleeding that will lead to the discontinuation of your microblading procedure. 

# 4: Put off Your Vacation Plans

If you’re planning on traveling, you’d better postpone it after your eyebrows have healed. During the first few days of the healing process, your newly microbladed eyebrows will be darker. You don’t want people to be staring at you while your brows are healing. 

Make sure to add this to your microblading prep work list. We know that you are excited about your vacation, but putting it off would lead to a satisfying microblading result. Hence, making you have a blast o your next staycation with your fuller and fabulous eyebrows. 

# 5: Full Understanding of the Procedure is Essential

If this is your first time to do the microblading procedure, make sure to do your homework and have all the knowledge you need, such as:

  • What is the microblading prep work you have to do (explained in this article)?
  • What to expect during your appointment?
  • Is there post-care after the treatment?

Searching for a qualified studio or salon with skillful, certified, and well-experienced microblading artists play a significant role in your eyebrow makeover. You want to entrust the future of your brows to the best microblading expert, especially if you pay the right price for the procedure, right?

# 6: Talk With Your Microblading Artist

Sit down with your technician before the procedure so you can talk about everything you and your technician should know. For example:

  • The skin type you have (oily, dry, sensitive, or combination)
  • The eyebrow style that you desire of having that suits your skin and hair color
  • The pr-care  and post-care you have to follow 
  • The microblading healing process

And other matters related to the procedure. 

# 7: Review Your Medical Record

Though microblading is an excellent method of making your eyebrows gorgeous, the procedure is not for everybody. You have to go over your medical record to check whether you are a good candidate for the procedure or not. 

After reviewing your health history, consult your microblading artist and discuss what to do before your microblading appointment. 

# 8: Don’t Do Anything on Your Eyebrows

Tweezing, plucking, waxing, or threading are among the microblading prep work you must remember before the procedure. Don’t pluck, tweeze, wax, or thread your eyebrows and leave your brows to their natural look. You’re helping your technician make their work more accessible because they can quickly shape or remodel your natural eyebrows. 

# 9: Avoid Strenuous Activities

If you are an active person and love working out or do strenuous activities, it would be better to skip them before your microblading appointment. Your pores will open up, which will affect the microblading outcome. 

# 10: Prepare Yourself

Getting ready is another microblading prep work you have to do. The microblading procedure takes a couple of hours; therefore, you should prepare yourself to lie down and keep still while the treatment is ongoing. Nonetheless, make yourself comfortable before your microblading appointment so you will be at ease when your technician performs the procedure. 

Extra Microblading Prep Work Tips

Besides the microblading prep work aforementioned, we combined some extra tips on what to do or prepare prior to your procedure. 

  • Four weeks before the procedure, avoid facial treatments, such as botox, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, or fillers.
  • Stop taking fish oil or Vitamin E (if you are taking them) because they are blood thinners.
  • Don’t use Retin-A topicals before your appointment.
  • Feel free to take the eyebrow style reference photo and show it to your technician.
  • Another microblading prep work you can do is to wear your makeup and preferred usual eyebrow look for your microblading artist to see.
  • Be early or go to your appointment on time. It’s vital to show up on time, mainly if your technician is famous and she has a fully booked schedule. 

How Long Do the Microbladed Eyebrows Last?

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that lasts for a maximum of 36 months. It’s an excellent way to create fuller, natural-looking eyebrows. You may feel excited about your appointment and nervous and anxious; that’s why knowing the microblading prep work helps you not feel overwhelmed and not know where to start with your preparation. 

Have Your Eyebrow Makeover and Uplift Your Self-Confidence

Microblading is a relatively new technique that has become increasingly popular over the past few years. It consists of drawing fine, hair-like strokes on the skin to create a natural-looking eyebrow or other types of design. The microblading process typically takes about two to three hours and has long-lasting results. 

Women around the globe opt for eyebrow transformation because having gorgeous brows boosts their self-esteem. 

BrowBeat Studio Dallas Advanced Eyebrow Microblading Experts welcomes you when you decide on having your eyebrow makeover. We will ensure that you are well-informed and know the various microblading prep work and the like before your appointment. 

Thanks for reading this post about the Microblading Prep Work: 10 Things to Do Before Your Appointment. We hope that it helps ease some of the stress before your appointment. 

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