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Only $100 Deposit 3 + Hours

The explosion in the Microblading industry has been astounding for the simple reason that eyebrows are important. But why are eyebrows so important?

Eyebrows make up a large part of our expression. Our eyebrows help us articulate our mood without speaking, when we are happy, when we are sad or even when we are thinking. So, the loss of one’s eyebrows can be a blow to self-esteem, making us feel like we have lost some part of ourselves, making us feel incomplete.

The feeling of feeling incomplete is powerful and thus can trickle into our self-worth. We are bombarded by images of beautiful women through advertising the moment we wake up. Yet, few people speak of the truth of what is underneath these attractive images of made-up eyebrows.

The truth that lies beneath is that we have alopecia; some of us are cancer patients or have trichotillomania. Others of us have been self-saboteurs for several decades, leaving us with almost nothing to call an eyebrow.
A great Microblading experience can create the façade of a complete eyebrow. Microblading hair strokes in the skin can mimic real eyebrow hair creating faux eyebrows with a realistic appearance. A nano microblade is used to implement ink into the epidermis, the superficial layers of skin. These microblade brows will last 6 – 18 months, depending on sun exposure, age, and skin type.

Microblading is natural-looking and minimalistic. Making a patchy, incomplete brow appear complete again.
Microblading treatments take 3+ hours. Each micro blading treatment is provided meticulously. Upon entering the Studio, Your BrowBeat Microblading artist will apply a numbing ointment that will spend up to 40 minutes developing. In contrast, your artist begins the discussions about your desired outcome. We do not rush this process as this “getting to know the client” portion is vital to understanding our client’s Microblading needs.

If you wear your brows with a pencil or pomade, it is best to arrive at the appointment with how you are currently wearing them. This helps the artist see what needs to be addressed, discussed, and improved on. If you do not wear any brow makeup, then come as you are. Some clients like to bring example pictures of what they like or, in fact, what they do not like. Feel free to bring in examples to discuss.

BrowBeat artists take all clients through a 15–20-minute education on the Microblading process before commencing. This education helps put the client at ease. Caffeine-free tea, coffee, and snacks are available as refreshments during this process.
The eyebrow shape is one of the most important parts of the Microblading outcome. Our eyebrow shape defines our look. Some people like bold, some like slim- medium; whatever the case, our goal is to make you feel like an improved version of yourself. The objective is to enhance the natural beauty of the client, creating a low to no maintenance microblade brow.

The brows are mapped for the client to see and approve before the Microblading commences. Additionally, color is discussed during the education process. After the Microblading process has been completed, the client is shown the brows allowing them to assess, critique, and discuss the outcome. The client is then again educated on the aftercare and how to obtain the best result during healing. At this time, the second treatment should be booked in to complete the process.

Most clients will obtain a 60 – 90 percent result on the first treatment. The second treatment is vital to complete the brows and to address minor discrepancies after healing. This meticulous second treatment/touchup is essential as there will be some pigment loss during healing. The second treatment/Touchup will make the brows hold in the skin for a longer period. (The second treatment/Touchup is not included on this page.)

For the most savings on your Microblading booking, book Microblading + Touchup. When the first and second treatments are booked together, and the balance is paid in full on the day of the treatment, it is a saving of $100. This discount is not offered when a single Microblading treatment is purchased.

If you have had any past Microblading, shading or tattoo before and are coming from another studio you will fall under our Correction Brow fees. Please click on the “Correction Brows” page and read about this service, then send 5 – 6 clear pictures with no brow makeup to 214 432 3077 for approval.

This doesn’t to apply to existing BrowBeat clients. If we have done your brows before, please call us on 214 432 3077 to make sure we put you with the same artist you were happy with previously. If you book online you may not get the artist you have been with in the past.


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