Microblading Help

Let us answer the most common questions about Microblading.


Does Microblading hurt?

We try our best to make our treatments very comfortable for our clients. Upon arrival, our brow technicians will do a pre-number of up to 40 minutes while educating with a slideshow. Most people experience low pain on the first pass, and then we numb a second time during the treatment. We find that most clients are extremely comfortable.

Can I do microblading if I'm pregnant or nursing?

Microblading cannot be performed on clients that are either pregnant or nursing.

Why can't it be performed?

There is little known information on how microblading could affect an unborn baby or be passed into breastmilk. Therefore, we find it better to be on the safe side until further research proves there is no effect on breastmilk or pregnancy.

I have a past tattoo. Can I do microblading?

If you had any past tattoos or microblading, we would need to see pictures of your brows. Please text 4-6 images close up with no filters and no brow makeup to 214 432 3077.

I have past microblading. Can you still do microblading?

If you had any past semi-permanent, makeup, or microblading, we would need to see pictures of your brows. Please text 4-6 photos close up with no filters and no brow makeup to 214 432 3077.

Can I do microblading if I have a chemotherapy treatment?

We require chemotherapy patients to have finished their treatment for four weeks before booking a microblading treatment. This is because chemotherapy treatments can affect how the body heals. Therefore, we like to give the body an entire four-week grace period to recover from the chemotherapy before providing a microblading treatment to optimize the healed result.

I have finished chemotherapy, but I'm still on medication.

What kind of medication are you on? Is it a type of blood thinner or pain medication? Microblading should not be performed with blood-thinning drugs or pain medications. Reason being these

Types of medications will inhibit the ink from being absorbed during treatment due to Increased bleeding. It will cause difficulty and may make it impossible to complete successful treatment. We recommend being off medications For 2- weeks before your appointment.

Do you shave your eyebrows off to get microblading?

Absolutely not, and anyone telling you otherwise is providing the service incorrectly. Microblading is used to enhance one’s natural appearance. For example, to map the eyebrows of every client, we use facial markers. Additionally, we also use people’s natural brow starting point. The idea of microblading is to reduce everyday maintenance. Each client’s individual’s face is considered when making decisions.

Does the hair grow back?

Microblading does not affect the hair around it. Because of this, when eyebrows are shaped during the treatment, hair will grow back over time. People with a lot of eyebrow hair will have to continually maintain keeping away those strays. Microblading sits in the epidermis. Hair follicles are much deeper in the dermis, making them unaffected by the microblading treatment. That maintenance on each individual will have to continue if it’s being done already.

Why is microblading a two-treatment process?

Microblading is a two-treatment process because we are working on human skin, our largest organ. Skin is an anomaly; it is different from person to person. Although the microblading looks complete while leaving the studio, many variables happen in healing. Every person’s single biology will affect the healed result. During recovery, the brows will shrink in size, lighten in color, and some pigment loss will occur. The brows can end up anywhere from 50 to 95% complete in the first treatment. We do not ever know precisely how clients will return. All treatments are booked in with a three-hour grace period for the service to be provided, as we do not know exactly how much work is to be done on the second treatment. The client will have varying results from the first treatment. You must be patient with the evolution of your eyebrows.

How long do microbladed brows last?

Brows will last anywhere from six months to twenty four months. We cannot promise each individual how long brows will last because of the variables of lifestyle and biology.

People with oily skin and thick skin may have less time with their microbladed eyebrows. Skin that is constantly lubricated will tend to shed epidermis layers at a higher frequency. Medium to thin skin and normal to dry skin will often have longer-lasting results. However, the lifestyle of the client may drastically affect how long the pigment stays on the skin. People who use harsh exfoliants and retinol over their eyebrows will have a much faster pigment loss.

When do I need to come back for a second treatment?

We require second treatments to be no sooner than four weeks post the first treatment. The two treatments make the brows complete, so if those treatments are done too far apart, the brows may still not end up complete. This can result in an unhappy client and an unfortunate outcome if the first and second treatments are too far apart. You should not start your microblading process if you are unwilling to come in for a second treatment. The first and the second treatment should be four weeks and no longer than three months apart.

I have one eyebrow. Can something be done?

Microblading can help a great deal for people with alopecia. In some cases, alopecia may only affect one eyebrow. Microblading can undoubtedly improve the situation. Microblading hair strokes provide the most realistic result. However, expectations must be controlled; microblading can enhance the issue; it is still two-dimensional in the skin. If you are in the situation, please call 214-432-3077 to speak with one of our experts.

I have a lot of eyebrows. Is microblading good for me?

People with a lot of eyebrows can still be enhanced with the art of microblading. However, Microblading will not affect natural hair, and that natural hair will still be needed to be tweezed.

I don't know how to shape my eyebrows. Will you shape my eyebrows in the treatment?

Yes. Microblading technicians will tweeze and shape the eyebrows to your desires. We will not change the direction of the eyebrows. Of course, we must enhance the natural eyebrows position, but we can certainly shape the brows during the treatment.

Can I make my eyebrows lighter through microblading?

No, you cannot make your eyebrows lighter with microblading. When we are microblading, the microblading hair strokes sit in the skin behind the natural hair. Your natural hair still exists, and the color will not change.

Can I make my eyebrows darker through microblading?

You can make your eyebrows darker through microblading. The microblading pigments sit behind the natural hair. We can slightly adjust the choice of that pigment within reason. A color too far away from the natural hair color cannot be chosen as there will be a discrepancy between the natural hair and the pigment. Still, a slight color adjustment can be made, about one shade darker.

I only want to have one treatment.

Microblading is a two-treatment process because a healed result will change significantly when the client leaves the studio. The small details must be revised in the second treatment; this is part of the microblading process. Clients may only be 70 or 80% complete and, in some cases, even lower. The client then, in the situation, may feel unhappy not committing to the second treatment.
Please go into all microblading appointments knowing that a second treatment is needed to make the brows complete.

I just booked online. Do deposits go towards the treatment?

Your deposit made online or over the phone while booking an appointment goes towards the treatment balance. Every microblading treatment requires a deposit to book an appointment.

I canceled my appointment. Do I get my money back?

All deposits are final as agreed by you in the terms and policies checkbox while booking your appointment.

I need to reschedule my appointment

You can reschedule your appointment with the confirmation text or email you received during booking; it will have a link in the message that you will follow. Once there, you will have the option to reschedule or cancel. If you are rescheduling during the allotted time frame, you can reschedule 3 days or 72 hours before the appointment. If it’s under this time, you will need to call or text 214-432-3077.

  1. Open confirmation text and follow the link
  2. Select Reschedule
  3. Choose the desired time and date.
  4. Confirm your choice, and you’re done!

I'm trying to reschedule my appointment myself, but the system won't let me without making another deposit.

Any reschedules made under 72 hours will require an additional deposit. This policy was agreed to by you in our terms and conditions. To revises our terms and conditions, please follow this link: Terms of Use

I'm trying to book my second appointment online but can't seem to find where to do it

All second treatment bookings must be made over the phone by calling 214-432-3077

I'm going on a vacation. I need to reschedule my appointment

If you are going on vacation and need to reschedule your appointment, we have a 72 hour reschedule policy; please click on your appointment to reschedule.

How do I take care of my brows after the treatment?

Brows must be washed four times on the first day that you receive the treatment at one-hour intervals. These brows need to be cleaned and then dried with a fresh hand towel or paper towel and lubricated with a thin layer of A and D ointment.

The brows cannot get wet for 10 days post-treatment. Instead, they must be lubricated every 2-3 hours with the provided A and D ointment. Additionally, the eyebrows need to be covered by band-aids each night post-treatment. Make sure you put the provided A and D on first and then the brow Band-Aids, or they will stick to the microblading work and can lessen the result.

How do I use the brow Band-Aids?

The brown Band-Aids are there to protect the brows from drying out during the night while you sleep. This will also keep out dirt and dust and stop you from scratching them during your sleep time.

These brow band-aids are fully adhesive and must be handled carefully. The ointment must be applied on the eyebrows before applying the band-aids before bedtime.

Your aftercare is different from what I'm reading on the Internet; why is that?

BrowBeat has spent years honing the microblading aftercare routine. We have found that the brows are best not to be washed for 10 days post the first treatment day washings. Additionally, the brows have the best results by being protected at night by nighttime Band-Aids. These nighttime band Band-Aids protect the brows from dirt, dust, and bacteria and stop them from drying out.

This is going to enhance the result. There is a lot of literature on the Internet that says a lot of different things about aftercare. Letting the brows dry out and the scab is a complete no-no and will ruin the results of your treatment, please follow BrowBeat post-treatment advice.

My brows look bigger. Why?

When we are microblading, we are cutting the skin with a tiny nano blade. This process will naturally cause some trauma. The body recognizes this trauma later, thus causing some minimal swelling on some clients in the following day. Not all clients have swelling; some skin is more sensitive than others. The Brows on the second day will appear darker and, in some cases, thicker due to light swelling. Please do not fret. This is just part of the healing process and will go away within seven days.

My brows look darker. Why?

On the days following your microblading treatment, brows can look up to 50% darker. This is just a mirage; you must sit tight and let the microblading process continue to reveal itself. As the pigment seals into the skin, nothing can be done to reduce this emotional roller coaster. Again, you must sit tight and let the brow go through the entire healing process.

My brows have healed, and there are holes?

As described earlier, this is all part of the process. In healing, the brows will shrink and change. The healed results will vary from client to client. Some clients will notice a color and shape reduction and pigment loss that may appear like holes or voids. This is normal and all part of the process. On the second treatment, these gaps will be addressed. The brows will be adjusted to the clients liking on the second treatment.

My brows have healed, but I would like them thicker

It is usual for clients to decide suddenly that they want their brows to be darker after the brows have healed. These brows can be darkened and adjusted on the second treatment, which is the second treatment. Yes, the brows can be made thicker yes, the brows can be made darker. The client will discuss the desired outcome with the BrowBeat technician on the second treatment.

My brows have healed, and now I want them darker.

It is usual for the brows to need somewhere between 10 and 40% more color. This is part of the microblading process. On the second treatment, brows can be made darker if that is the client’s desire.


BEFORE TREATMENT QUESTIONS LIPS What is the difference between lip blushing and a lip tattoo?

Lip blushing pigments sit shallow in the epidermis. These epidermal skin layers will, over time, shed off, making the pigment slowly fade. Lip tattoo pigments are pushed deep into the dermis, making it more permanent.

What is the benefit of lip blushing as compared to lip tattoo?

Lip blushing is a more natural result. Lip blushing does not mimic lipstick but enhances lips’ natural-looking color. In addition, minor symmetrical differences can be adjusted.

How long does lip blushing last?

Lip blushing can last 1 to 2 years. The length of time lip blushing will stay on each individual is up to personal biology and lifestyle.

Does it hurt?

The lips are a sensitive area. We do our best to make our clients comfortable using
several numbing agents throughout the lip blushing experience. This will reduce pain and swelling to a certain degree, but some pain and swelling have been reported by clients.

How long does the appointment take?

The appointment may take up to three hours. This includes education and numb for up to 40 minutes before the appointment beginning. The artist will then sketch out the lips, correct symmetry, and discuss the desired outcome with the client.

How do I know what color to choose?

As we age, our lips tend to lose natural warmth and plumpness. Lip blushing isn’t used to mimic lipstick as such, but to create lip balance and youth. Lip blushing enhances the lips bringing back lost youth.

How many treatments are necessary for lip blushing?

Lip blushing is a two-treatment process. Immediately after the first treatment, the lips will look dark and color rich, but in the healed result, the lips shed a great deal of that pigment. Once healed, this result will be adjusted on the second treatment addressing color richness, density, and any minor asymmetries.

Why do you recommend taking Lysine seven days before the appointment?

Lysine can suppress Herpes Simplex-1. 70% of the population around the world have Herpes Simplex-1. Other names for Herpes Simplex-1 is Canker Sores and Fever Blisters, these are all the same virus.
Some people do not know that they carry the Herpes Simplex-1virus. Lysine will help suppress the virus. When there is trauma to the lip area, a Herpes Simplex-1 outbreak may occur. If you don’t know that you have Herpes Simplex-1, this may be your first ever occurrence making it quite severe. We advise that our clients start taking 1000mg of lysine per day for seven days before the appointment as Lysine is known to suppress the Herpes Simplex-1 virus. If you get a Herpes Simplex-1 outbreak, it can affect the healed result of the treatment.

Why do you advise that your clients take before coming to their appointment?

VX is a prescription medication for Herpes Simplex-1. If you know that you have Herpes Simplex- 1, taking along with Lysine will suppress an outbreak. However, an episode may interfere with your healed results. So, if you know you have Herpes Simplex-1, also known as Canker Sores or Fever Blisters, please take Lysine before coming to your appointment for seven days.


How long does it take for lip blushing to heal?

Lip blushing initially will take 7 to 11 days to heal superficially. Still, in its entirety, the healing experience can take up to four weeks. There is an emotional journey that clients will go through following the lip blushing experience; the lips will look a lot darker initially, and then through 7 to 11 days, will shed some pigment. They may appear lighter after the second and third weeks. The pigment, in many cases, will return, and this will be the final result.

My healed results are too light?

It is normal to need some color adjustment on the second treatment. You can add pigment, but
You cannot take it away. Two treatment processes are used to safely ensure results aren’t too dark and vivid. Lip blushing is subtle, and every client is going to take these pigments differently. It is normal to need a second treatment to adjust and enhance the colors.

Do I need the second treatment if I feel satisfied?

In some cases, one treatment may be sufficient if clients have full coverage of the healed result and feel satisfied with the color. For example, suppose there is full-color coverage and no additional treatments are needed to enhance the color. In that case, this client may only need one treatment.

How do I book my second appointment?

Please call 214 432 3077 to book your second lip blushing appointment


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