Interesting Microblading Facts 2021

Interesting Microblading Facts 2021


Interesting Microblading Facts 2021

Interesting Microblading Facts 2021

Microblading Facts before we enter 2021 is a must! It is no secret that eyebrows are among the most popular and sought after eyebrows among men and women. Permanent eyebrow make-up is becoming increasingly popular as it offers a safe and proven method to have long-lasting and natural-looking eyebrows.

Americans spent more than $13 billion on cosmetic procedures in 2015—the latest statistics available from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Nonsurgical procedures made up 42% of this number. And nonsurgical procedures have increased 44% over the last five years.

Microblading, also known as eyebrow embroidery, is a new technology in reshaping the eyebrows and making them perfect. 

If you plan on doing microblading, educating yourself about the Microblading Facts helps you make a firm decision, so you won’t regret your action later. 

Here are a few Microblading Facts you need to know just in case you want to have eyebrows’ makeover and end 2020 with a BANG!

It Has Its Benefits: Microblading Facts

Among the Microblading Facts are its advantages, and it is the main reason why a lot of ladies undergo the procedure. When your eyebrows are enhanced, there’s no need to apply makeup every time you go out for work, party, or simply because you want to do your brows. Moreover, you save time in drawing your eyebrows and money to buy the cosmetics you need. Besides, it saves you the trouble of thinking of a retouch to ensure its perfection.

Through microblading, girls (including you) are cheerful all the time because they don’t have to worry about making their brows perfect anymore. 

You Maybe at Risk If Not Done Correctly

One of the Microblading Facts is the risk you can have if the procedure is not correctly done. A technician makes Tinie tiny cuts on the skin of your eyebrows and inserts pigment to mimic your brows’ hair, so minor bleeding may happen, and your eyebrows will be sore and red due to the cuts. There’s also a tendency of skin irritation from the pigment if your skin is sensitive.

Make sure that the facility is clean and the environment is appropriate for microblading. Most significantly, the tools for the procedure are new and sanitized. 

One Microblading Fact is a 2014 report in the journal Clinical Interventions in Aging confirms that cosmetic tattooing bears the same risks as other tattoo procedures. An expert can minimize the risk and protect the consumers with better education, information, and training.

Microblading Facts: It Takes 3-4 hours for the Procedure

An additional Microblading Fact is that the procedure may take 3-4 hours, from the tools’ preparation, application of the numbing cream, and the microblading itself. The treatment lasts for a couple of hours to assure the perfection of your eyebrows, especially if your microblading artist is a perfectionist. 

After the treatment, your microblading artist advises you of the aftercare that you will do for a satisfying result to your newly microbladed eyebrows

Microblading Lasts from 1-3 Years

The longevity of your eyebrows depends on how you take care of them and on your lifestyle. Age and skin type are also other factors on how long the eyebrows last. Following the aftercare rules for your microbladed brows is vital because it plays a crucial role in your brows’ longevity. You should take this type of Microblading Fact seriously for a gratifying result.

Your microbladed eyebrows will last from 1 to 3 years maximum when you strictly do all the necessary steps to care for them, including self-discipline. 

Microblading Can be Pricey

If you have a tight budget, forget about eyebrow embroidery because it is expensive, and insurance companies don’t cover microblading. The price for microblading varies from the different studio or microblading artists you will consult. But it ranges from $400 to $1,000, so if you have a plan on doing the procedure, better save up for it—another essential Microblading Fact to put in mind.

A few more  Microblading Facts to remember: How to Protect Yourself When Getting a Tattoo

  • Tattoo artists and the tattoo establishment must both have a license issued by the Department of Health.
  • Licenses should be current and visible.
  • The area to be tattooed must be cleaned before tattooing.
  • Observe your surroundings. The facility should be clean.
  • The artist must wear gloves and use a new pair if they become contaminated.
  • Only sterile, single-use needles should be used.
  • Ink, dyes, or pigments must be portioned per customer.
  • Obtain aftercare instructions at the time of your tattoo and follow these to promote safe healing.
  • Keep the tattoo clean.
  • Seek medical attention if you have an allergic reaction or infection. Signs of a possible infection include excessive soreness, tenderness, redness, drainage, swelling, or pain at the tattoo site.
  • Swimming and sunbathing are not recommended directly after getting a tattoo. 

Imagine this Microblading Fact that eyebrow embroidery is something other than a traditional eyebrow tattoo, which you may have heard of before, but it still pierces the skin. Unlike conventional tattooing (another  Microblading Fact), where a needle is used in a rotary dishwasher to press ink (7 layers) deep into the skin, Microblade uses manual knives and targets three layers of skin. You can create a seamless, natural look by using a combination of natural, non-invasive, semi-permanent make-up. 

Thanks a lot for spending the time reading Interesting Microblading Facts 2021. Our goal is to orient you about the Microblading Facts to be well-informed before doing the procedure.

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