Aftercare For Microblading

Taking Care Of Your Eyebrows: Aftercare for Microblading

On a microblading session, the technician will cut into your skin to implant pigment into the cuts. After microblading your eyebrows, your technician will provide you a series of maintenance and aftercare for microblading to do. Your skin will be sensitive afterward, and after your appointment, you’ll need a set of aftercare procedures. If you already received a microblading treatment, please read this guide thoroughly so that you can enjoy the microblading healing experience.

Why Should You Take Care Of Your Eyebrows, Aftercare for Microblading?

Microblading cuts into the skin in the area of your eyebrows so that the cut can accommodate implanting the pigments. That is why aftercare for microblading is similar to tattoo care if a bit more intensive. Even if the cuts on your skin are small, the skin will still regenerate each one. It will take time for the skin to heal, and you must assist your eyebrow skin cells for the smooth process. The reason why aftercare is necessary is that the technique will prolong the pigment on the skin after healing.

Aftercare For Microblading

aftercare for microblading

What To Expect After Microblading

If you want to achieve your dream eyebrows, it’s crucial to be extra careful in the first stage of the microblading healing process. To give you an idea of what is about to happen during your microblading healing process, we provided a guide from day 1 to day 30.


On Day 1, you’re excited. HELLO NEW BROWS! You get to go into your artist’s studio with patchy uneven brows, or no brows at all – and voila! You come out with legitimate hair strokes that you want to show the world literal #browgoals. They look textured, dense, and a little bit red, but it’s a world of difference; you feel like a changed person – your brows are bold in color.

If you aren’t used to filling them in a lot, they will look slightly more dramatic in appearance than usual, tender, slightly swollen, and you may even experience some slight bleeding. The day you get them done, you may be in awe of your fresh set of brows.

DAY 2-4

DAY 2 WILL BE PRETTY EASY. Your brows will get darker over this period, but don’t freak out! They will lighten again. Your brows will be reddish, still quite tender, and maybe even a little bit thicker in texture than the day before. You may notice the difference in your brows and feel like people are looking at them, but chances are you’re more self-conscious about it rather than people noticing them being darker than usual.

DAY 5-8

During these days, your brows will be flaking and scabbing off. It can be the turning point in the healing process, where your brows are getting itchy. Make sure NOT to pick or remove the scabs, or you may inadvertently remove some of your pigment as it may cause further irritation and, worse, infection. Remember, the scabs will fall off by themselves when they are ready.

RESIST the urge to blow up your artist’s phone, firing off questions and accusations alike. You have a wound on your face; therefore, your body is trying to repair itself, hence the scabbing. It’s all a part of the healing process, and if you’ve had any other kind of tattoos in the past, it heals very similarly.

DAY 9-10

Your brows might seem that it has “fallen off.” It’s important to note that the wounds should be closed at this stage, so if you’re feeling self-conscious about the light look, don’t worry because better days of your brows are yet to come. DO NOT PUT ANY MAKEUP on top of your healing brows as it may cause damage to your skin.

DAY 10-21

Yes, you’re almost there! Don’t get discouraged – BECAUSE THE HEALING IS ALMOST COMPLETE! In just a matter of time, you’ll be settling into your new shortened makeup routine – oh, and imagine those waterproof brow beach days? Your brows will be coming back; however, it will look patchy at first.

DAY 30

Guess what? Your healing process is complete! Your skin’s healing period is complete, and all colors are looking great. They should look soft and natural. It is the point where you’ll be able to tell if there is anything you want to add or change, there could be a couple of spots from loss of pigment, which is all dependent on how well your skin took the pigment, but this is OKAY because your follow-up appointment should be just around the corner!

Step by Step Microblading Aftercare Process

What to do during the 14 days aftercare? Following the aftercare and safety tips after microblading plays a significant role in your microblading result. Here are the things you should do from day 1 to day 14 of your aftercare.

On the day of treatment: Absorb

Use a clean tissue on the treatment day and gently pat the microbladed area to soak up excessive lymph fluid. It is vital to remove fluid to avoid the hardening of the lymph. Do this for the whole day until the bleeding stops.

Day 1-7: Wash and moisturize

From day 1-7, wash the area twice a day (morning and night) with water and an antibacterial soap like Cetaphil to remove dead skin and bacteria. Rub the area carefully and gently for 10 seconds and rinse well, ensuring that no traces of soap are left behind. Make sure to use your CLEAN fingertips to cleanse the area gently. Apply the aftercare ointment every after wash. Keep in mind not to use skincare products that contain exfoliants or acids.

Day 8-14: Continue washing the area twice a day.

You don’t need to apply the aftercare ointment these days, but doing it morning and night will help.

What To Avoid Putting In The Eyebrows

During the first seven days of your Aftercare for Microblading, do not let any water, lotion, soap, or makeup touch your eyebrow area. It includes keeping your face dry during a shower. Do not use any cleansers that contain acids or exfoliants.

Avoid laser or chemical treatments, peelings, or creams containing Retin-A or Glycolic acid on the face or neck. Also, avoid facials, botox, or peels for four weeks. Please don’t wear any makeup or use skincare on your brows until they’ve healed. The reason is that the pigments are still settling into the shallow cuts in your skin caused by the blading.

Avoid Doing These Things Within 14 Days

To achieve the best outcome, please do your aftercare for microblading especially within 14 days. Avoid performing tasks related to heavy household cleaning. These are garage or basement cleaning, where there is a lot of airborne debris. Driving in open-air vehicles such as convertibles, boats, bicycles, or motorcycles is also included. Also, avoid practicing sports, saunas, swimming, excessive sweating until completely healed, and a follow-up appointment. Keep distance from sun tanning or salon tanning and UV/UVA Rays or chemicals as they are known to cause a shift in color and premature fading.

Please don’t pick at scabs, tug, or itch the eyebrow area. Picking, peeling, or scratching the micro pigmented area can cause scarring or removal of the pigment. Only touch the eyebrow area when rinsing and applying the post-care cream with a cotton swab. Please also avoid spicy foods and drinking alcohol in excess, which may lead to the slow healing of wounds.

What To Do When Complications Appear

Contact a physician if any signs or symptoms develop such as the following: fever, redness at the site, swelling, tenderness of the procedure site, elevated body temperature, red streaks going from the procedure site towards the heart, or any green/yellow discharge that is foul in odor.

The Microblading Touchup Session Aftercare for Microblading

Remember, your eyebrows aren’t finished until after the second session. A touchup session after four weeks is a must as everyone heals differently. The outcome might also vary depending on how you did your Aftercare for Microblading. The touchup session process usually takes about 1 hour, accessing color retention and density in shape.

Sometimes, there are instances where specific brow areas may not pick up the pigment well during the first session and will need refilling. You will usually need a deeper shade during the touchup session if you have oily skin, as the oils tend to lighten the pigment. The oily skin struggle is real, but the good news is oily skin slows down aging. Sometimes the pigment color may need to be adjusted, more strokes to be added, and improve the brow thickness.

Are you one of the many women who’s dreaming of having gorgeous eyebrows? Give us a call if you do so we can talk about the eyebrow style you desire. 

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