Considering a career in nursing? Think about going into this field instead

Have you always loved making people feel good about themselves?

So you want to be a nurse? You love the idea of helping people, changing lives and making them feel better? What you may not be thinking of is the $160,000 – $480,000 of debt, the long late hours, struggling to find a job and everything else that comes along with nursing school. What if there was another way you could have a positive impact and make people feel better about themselves without hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and years of late nights spent studying? If this sounds like something that interests you, keep reading!

Want to go into a career in nursing but you’re overwhelmed by the amount of schooling and money it takes?

The average cost of nursing school is $40,000 for public universities and $100,000 for private institutions and it only goes up from there! Not to mention 3-4 years of your life. That works out to a quarter of a million hours of your life gone! Not to mention all of that money that you could be making if you had been working all that time instead of going to school which only costs money! The simple fact is, nursing school is just not worth it! But wait, you still want to have a respected career and earn a good living? No worries! We have the answer! Read on.

What if you could work in a clinical setting, make people feel good about themselves and skip all the school and student loan debt?

Put that beautiful brain of yours to work with a challenging and rewarding career in the exciting world of semi-permanent cosmetics! No really, you may not think that this field has anything in common with the world of medicine but the truth is they share a lot of the same characteristics. Microblading, or the art of deposit pigment via a hand-held blade in the form of brow hairs, is very similar to many noninvasive surgical procedures and require the same skilled steady hand, eye for detail, lazer focus and perfect precision. Also similarly, a sterile environment and thorough understanding of healing is needed to be a skilled and competent microblader. What else is similar? The salary. But we’ll talk about that one next!

Microblading has huge income earning potential and only takes months and very little money down to learn.

So one of the biggest upsides of a career in microblading is the nearly limitless earning potential. The only thing stopping you from making more money in this industry is you! Let’s run some quick numbers, The average treatment price of a microblading appointment is between $500 and $800 If your treatment price is $550 (which is on the low end of the industry standard) and you do 3 treatments per day, (550 x 3 = 1650 per day) working Monday-Friday, (165 x 5 = 8250 per week) you stand to earn $33,000 per month (8250 x 4 = 3300)!! That’s $396,000 a year, fully booked! That’s straight up doctor money!! What’s even better is that you can get started in as little as six months! And hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loan debt?? No way!! Training and Certification is incredibly affordable! In fact, most of our students pay off their course fees in only a few treatments!

Are you a caretaker? Take care of your whole family with the Income you earn as a microblader!

Have you always been a natural caretaker? Does your family depend on you? Maybe you have a sick parent or young children depending on you, looking up to you and needing a positive role model? Maybe you’re the first in your family to graduate high school? Whatever your reason, whatever your “why” a career in microblading can provide you with more money and more time to care for the ones you love! And being a young, rich, independent business  owner sets an amazing example even without graduating from college.

Flexible hours means you can be with your family when it matters most!

Another amazing perk of a career in microblading that you wont’ find in a nursing career is the flexibility. Let me say that again, flexibility. Nurses often work 12+ hours, work on call and rarely have days off. Not in the world of microblading! With treatments ranging from $500-$800 and most artists doing 3-4 treatments per day, you can make an entire weeks salary in just ONE day. I’ll say that part again too, MAKE AN ENTIRE WEEKS SALARY IN JUST ONE DAY!!! With all that extra spare time you’ll never miss another birthday or holiday again! You’ll have plenty of time for the ones you love and plenty of time for “me” time!

Take the first step towards your new life today!

We’ve all heard the saying that six months from now, you’ll wish you had started today. This could not be more true when it comes to learning to microblade. With most of our students completing their training within six months, you really will wish you had started today six months from now. So don’t wish, do. Sign up now and in six months you can be living a totally new life, with more money, more freedom and more happiness! BrowBeat Microblading Training and Certification is DFW’s leading training course for the elite art of microblading. Classes are always ongoing but space is limited! Call now! You won’t regret it!

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