Are you working as a Registered Nurse Injector and looking to add more money to your income?


A Registered Nurse Injector is an RN specializing in administering botox and fillers. Many RN’s make the jump from acute care in favor of flexible hours and a better income. If you’re already working as a Nurse Injector, microblading can be a fantastic way to add another revenue stream to your practice. If you are considering making the jump to Nurse Injector, this can also be a great way to generate more income, faster, in those early stages of getting a new career started!

So what is “microblading”?

Microblading is the process of depositing ink or ‘pigment’ underneath the skin within the upper dermal layers via a handheld tool with a row of tiny pins composing the ‘blade’. The strokes of pigment left behind by the blade mimic individual hairs of the eyebrow. It is sometimes called, hairstroke, featherstroke, eyebrowembroidery or 3D brows among other names. These are all actually the same procedure.

How long does it take? How much does it cost?

Now, I’m not gonna lie microblading is a learned skill that takes hundreds of hours to perfect but bear in mind that most of our students at BrowBeat Microblading Training and Certification graduate in about six months with very little monetary investment required. In fact, most of our students make back their training costs in just a few treatments! It’s low risk and high reward, making it perfect for supplemental income, fitting seamlessly into the busy working nurse’s life!

Can I learn flexibly so I can keep working as a nurse at the same time?

Even better many training courses, like the one offered by BrowBeat Microblading Training and Certification Academy, offer flex-learning! You can access your coursework any time, any place. Work before going into your day job, at night after the kids are asleep, or even on the train into work! Train for your new job on the way to your old job! Just another thing that makes this the perfect opportunity for busy career women like Registered Nurses. Already working in a busy medspa or plastics office? Now worries! Our training course has been designed to fit seamlessly into your life, exactly the way it is right now! The 40 hour work week, the busy school schedules for the children, the marriage you cultivate with your partner, none of these have to suffer to add microblading to your roster of services!

What should I look for in a training course?

Where as nursing schools have set standards for what they teach, microblading certification courses do not have this uniform standard. Because of this it’s very, very important to do your homework before investing those hard earned dollars! Make sure the training program you find doesn’t just cover basic procedural instruction but also in deoth theory. Topics that should be covered outside of simply how to perform the procedure are healing and aftercare, contraindications and medical concerns, sanitation and more. If these are not included, run!

How much income can I add with microblading?

Let’s run some numbers folks, The average treatment price of a microblading appointment is between $500 and $800 If your treatment price is $550 (which is on the low end of the industry standard) and you do 3 treatments per week, (550 x 3 = 1650) you could add $1,650 to your weekly income! That’s an extra $6,600 per month doing only 3 services per week! That’s something any Nurse Injector can add into their work schedule!

Is it hard to learn?

Microblading is a difficult and precise skill, that is one of the reasons that it is so lucrative. However, as a nurse you already posses many of the skills necessary to succeed as a microblading technician. The process of microblading requires the know how to apply anesthetic, create precise and exact movements, understand healing, and maintain sanitation standards. These are all in the Nurse or Nurse injectors proverbial wheel house.

How will I find clients?

Many courses, such as the one we provide at BrowBeat Microblading Training and Certification Academy provide education on client acquisition, online presence and marketing strategy. Additionally if you are already working as a Nurse Injector at a medspa, plastic surgeon or dermatologist’s office, they may be willing to allow you to market your service to the existing clients, making client acquisition a breeze! If you don’t already work in the cosmetic nursing field and are doing primary or acute care, don’t worry, we will tell you everything you need to know to go into business for yourself or to make some extra money on the side! Whatever your goals, we help you get there!

What if I need extra help?

Something unique and special about the BrowBeat Microblading Training and Certification course is the mentorship! Every student is matched with a mentor. This mentor will interact with them every single day! Answering questions, providing motivation and making sure you reach your destination! You’ve got a friend in BrowBeat!

Is there a demand?

One of the great things about getting a microblading certification is that demand is skyrocketing and only going up from here! The microblading industry is exploding! In fact, many celebrities are known to have undergone this quick and simple procedure! As attention grows for this burgeoning art form so does demand! The simple fact is there aren’t enough artists to meet the demand. That puts you in a fabulous position!

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