Are you looking to Microblade your eyebrows in Dallas? BrowBeat Studio
Are you looking to Microblade your eyebrows in Dallas? BrowBeat  Studio offers superior service and cares for your Microblading treatment.

The eyebrow technicians at Brow Beat care about your eyebrows individuality. As we know not all eyebrows were born equal. If you were born with less than perfect eyebrows, then you are an ideal candidate for Microblading. Here are some benefits of having your eyebrows Microbladed.

1. Save time. Are you tired of spending up to 20 minutes every morning filling in those unsightly gaps? Microbladed eyebrows will get you out the door quicker or let you sleep in for longer.

2. Add thickness. Have you always wanted thicker eyebrows but have never been able to make them look so with the use of makeup? Well, Microbladed eyebrows can do just that, give you the thickness you have always desired.

3. Add fullness. Are your eyebrows thick but need more volume? Microblading can add extra dimension and fullness to already thick brows filling in voids with natural looking hair strokes.

4. Alopecia sufferers. Have you experienced some hair loss in your brows? Then Microbladed eyebrows can help solve your Hair loss problems.

So how do you go about Microblading your eyebrows in Dallas? Make an appointment with Brow Beat advanced Microblading experts.

Below is the process we use for our Microblading treatment to put our clients at ease during their treatment.

1. Education. Firstly we make sure all of our clients have a full understanding of the way Microblading looks, and how it is different to permanent makeup with a traditional tattoo needle. This education includes pictures of Microbladed brows after one year and an education about the inks we use, why we use them and then to the full aftercare and healing process. It is imperative that clients have a thorough understanding of the treatment before the treatment beginning.

2. Numbing Cream. Pre-education we have already applied the topical numbing cream. The numbing cream takes about 20 minutes to take effect and puts our customers at ease before the treatment.

3. shape. We use the Golden Ratio and all the information assimilated from the client to draw on the desired shape. We realize that you cannot apply the same eyebrow onto every client. So we use their style and direction from previous discussions to draw on the shape that will make the client satisfied. After this process, we show the client and hold the mirror in front of them making subtle adjustments until the client feels that the desired shape outline is what they are feeling is correct. It is a two people process, we guide the client but listen to the client showing them where they can improve and why. We do not begin the treatment until the client has signed off on the entire shape.

This means we discuss and put markers on the beginning and ending points on each brow and the highest and lowest points on each brow. This process can take as short as 15 minutes or up to an hour and is the most critical part.

4. First Pass. The treatment begins, and we start the Microblading procedure. We do the first pass or outline of the brows slowly making strokes in the natural pattern of the current hairs.

5. Numbing cream for open skin. Now that the skin is open we can use an additional numbing cream. Most clients find that the treatment is very comfortable at this point.

6. 2nd and 3rd pass filling in the upper and lower inside hairs. Now the procedure is completed adding in natural hair stroke to the clients liking of fullness and thickness.

7. We send our clients home with the BrowBeat aftercare packet. This packet has full instructions on how to sterilize, wash and dry their brows.

So now you can Microblade your Eyebrows in Dallas at ease. Call BrowBeat Studio Dallas most advanced Microblading experts.


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