Microblading Side Effects: Short And Long Term

Microblading Side Effects: Short and Long Term

Microblading side effects

Like all great things, there are also some microblading side effects. When abused and overdone, things can go awry. Before booking your microblading appointment, it’s important to keep in mind that microblading is temporary, and the skin must be cut to implement it. When performed with experience and done conservatively, the outcome can be life-changing. When done without precision, side effects can magnify.

Let’s go to our friend logic >> If you continually cut the skin in the same place, it is only logical to think that it is possible for some scar tissue to form. Thus so you must weigh up the pros and cons. 

Find a great artist and stick to them. A good artist won’t let you go back too soon. A good ink will stay in the skin longer making your treatment stay fresh for much longer. So think about that when researching your proposed artist. Let’s face it. Now is not the time to go cheap. Discounted brows should be avoided. Think about it, it’s your face, it’s not a pair of discount chucks at Ross.

We live in a world where people are overdoing everything. We overeat, over medicate, and we’re overstimulated due to all the bling that’s constantly around us. Fillers are being overdone, we wear too much makeup, we are all about the bells and whistles. 

So, that being said, how can you trust your microblading artist to treat your skin with care and be conservative? Especially when it seems that you want to keep coming back for more “touch-ups”. 

There are people that really care about your health out there, you just have to find them. People who will talk to you on the phone, answering your questions, queries, and concerns. 

Remember: You should listen to the professionals. If someone tells you, “No, we can’t work on you yet,” you shouldn’t keep calling around until you get the answer you want. Unfortunately, we are our own worst enemy.

Bad ink can also be considered a side effect. Cheaply-made inks are something that you as a consumer should avoid. But how can you avoid that when you know nothing about inks? Easy.

Ask your potential artist to inform you about the ink/s they are going to use on your face. If they can’t, then move on. A skilled microblading technician can tell you why they use the line of inks that they use. Ink is not a one-size-fits-all situation. Experienced artists know this and can help explain the reason for the choice. 

Inks can be a complete game-changer. The other game-changer is the quality of the tool your artist will be using. Microblading needles are actually a row of tiny nanoneedles blueing together by plastic or metal. The plastic bling type has more flexibility. The metal wrapped nanoneedles have less flexibility but it is best used on a thicker canvas of skin.

Another side effect is, what happens if you change your mind about your desired eyebrow result? This is a commitment and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Sometimes the youth of today don’t understand the commitment of the decisions they make in life and permanent make up is certainly one of them. 

Start messing with your brows now and it will become a lifelong commitment. Microblading is temporary and should not be done too often. Think about how you’re going to look at 40. Is it a need or want? Microblading is much more suitable for someone that has already defined their brow style and committed to it. 

Fashion brows are taking over, but remember, styles have changed so much over the past two decades, so you should be wary with the commitment of something like ombré or a souls powder brow. These are a fairly long commitment. 

Microblading side effects

So the moral of the story is, start thinking about how your brows will look five years from now and make your decision accordingly. Is it a need or a want? How will these brows look when I don’t have any makeup on? Am I ready for a full-time dark brow or should I consider everyday brows as a better option? Remember, your brows will only be up in the club with fake lashes, bold lipstick, and a little black dress perhaps once a week (some of you more but to average it out) think about how they will be daily and then make an informed decision.


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